Are You Suffering from Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain Vacaville CA?

Are You Suffering from Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain in Vacaville CA?

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Neck Shoulder Back Pain

Pain in Vacaville CA can happen on any part of the human body. But the most prone body parts of all are the neck, shoulders, and back. These types of aches can happen to anyone in almost every single day, and it can be problematic for anyone suffering from it.

When pain manifests itself in a person's neck, it can be traced back to one of many causes, such as whiplash, herniated disc, or tissue damage. This type of pain is also referred to as cervical pain. Neck pain is mostly felt as a dull aching sensation. Despite that being the normal manifestation, it can also come with other symptoms as well. These symptoms may include numbness, pulsations, tenderness, tinging, or shooting pains. There are also instances where the person may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, gland swelling, or swallowing problems. These sensations can worsen with movement.

How to Diagnose Pain in Vacaville CA

There are many techniques used to help diagnose neck pain. A medical professional would typically start with routine questions that are meant to understand the patient's history. This examination will also involve knowing the pain's intensity, location, and duration. The pain's radius is another factor that needs to be determined during this process.

The questions being asked are helpful in verifying if the pain started from an injury, whether it may be recent or past. After that, the doctor will examine the patient next, both in motion and at rest. A palpation is used to determine the degree of tenderness. If nerve issues are the culprit, a nervous system examination will be conducted.

When the root cause of the back pain cannot be identified, it is normally referred to as nonspecific. The symptoms will also vary from person-to-person. Some patients will feel the pain radiate from their back down to their legs, while some would feel pain in either the upper or lower back.

Muscle strain is a common cause of back pain, and it can be treated with 4 to 5 days of rest along with pain medications. If it comes with spasms, then muscle relaxants may be required. There are also other possible causes of back pain such as injury, muscle disorders, or poor posture. Certain groups of people are also predisposed to back pain such as smokers, pregnant women, and those that do repetitive movements daily.

A doctor or practitioner will perform physical examination on the patient to diagnose the cause of back pain. The medical professional will focus on the back, abdomen, and extremities of the patient. X-rays and CT scans are also used on these exams.

Lastly, the shoulders are no exception to pain. This pain is usually found in the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissues of a person. Bone problems are rarely identified as the root cause of shoulder pain. The most common ones are those associated with arthritis, injury, and tendonitis.

A thorough examination performed by a medical professional can help diagnose and treat the pain. Patient interviews are helpful in establishing medical history, duration, pain radius, and any abnormalities. Upon completion, a physical exam will be performed by the doctor. This will include establishing the shoulder's full range of motion, swelling, any deformities and tender spots.

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