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We often take our shoulders for granted until we experience pain. Most people immediately start looking for the best chiropractic care in Vacaville because they are always using their shoulders to lift and extend their arms, to carry, wave and perform numerous other motions and tasks. The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint, which means it is highly susceptible to injuries and various conditions that can greatly affect our daily lives.

Ignoring shoulder problems can result in long-term and even debilitating issues. Proper identification of the underlying cause is essential in order to achieve lasting relief. This article outlines some of the most common causes of shoulder pain and highlights how chiropractic care can help restore the shoulder's functionality.


Shoulder pain can stem from a variety of causes. Here are some of the more frequent contributors to shoulder pain:

  • Neck and upper back tightness
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Arthritis
  • Abnormal patterns of movement
  • Athletic injuries and automobile accident

Although some of the symptoms listed may suggest swelling in the shoulder joint, many of them actually point to the spine as the underlying cause of pain. The nerves responsible for controlling the shoulder originate in the spine, so if there is any compression or damage to the vertebrae in the neck and upper back region, it can lead to nerve irritation and cause pain in the shoulder. Even a small misalignment in the spine can disrupt communication between the nerves and the shoulder, leading to a chain reaction of issues. Therefore, what appears as shoulder pain may actually be referred pain from the spinal column.


Due to the wide range of causative factors, shoulder pain and abnormal motion in the joint may develop gradually or come on suddenly.

Symptoms of a shoulder injury are occasionally very subtle, but even these can develop into major issues. Since the shoulder joint is used in the vast majority of activities that we engage in daily, all symptoms involving the shoulder should be monitored carefully and treated promptly to avoid progression of the problem. Symptoms indicating the need for an immediate evaluation of the shoulder complex include:

  • Shoulder pain that lasts for more than a week
  • Shoulder pain that goes away and then returns frequently
  • Difficulty raising your arm above your head
  • Trouble or pain when carrying objects
  • Pain in the shoulder joint that becomes more pronounced in the evening
  • Any visual signs of damage to the joint such as bruising or swelling
  • Unusual snapping or clicking sensations in the joint during movement


Chiropractic care offers a safe and natural alternative to surgeries and medications that can deliver rapid and lasting relief for shoulder pain. Our expert chiropractors in Vacaville have extensive training in treating spine and shoulder conditions that lead to pain. We start the treatment with a comprehensive evaluation process, including a review of your medical history and advanced imaging techniques to identify the root cause of your shoulder pain. Based on your diagnosis, we develop a personalized treatment plan to provide quick relief and ensure a speedy recovery.

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