Benefits Of Going To The Beach In Vacaville

Benefits of Going to The Beach in Vacaville


When you think about the sea, you normally associate it with feelings of relaxation and serenity.

We've been told that the sea breeze is good for one's health and well-being, but what's the reason behind it? Is it psychological or is there some scientific evidence behind it? To provide some clarification on this topic, you should learn about the proven health benefits of going to the beach in Vacaville. This will further explain why people who are going to the beach seem healthier and happier.

Benefits of the Beach in Vacaville

Check out the health benefits of having beach trips from time-to-time:

  1. Basking on the sun cures certain skin diseases - If you are suffering from psoriasis, having controlled amounts of sun rays will benefit you. The sun's ultraviolet radiation will make the skin dry and flaky faster, which allows new skin to replace the dead ones.
  2. Sea waves relaxes the mind and body - Research suggests that the sound of waves will change our brain's wave patterns thus putting us into a deeply tranquil state. Staying in a relaxed state allows our mind and body to rejuvenate. When you're floating in the water, the blood in the lower limbs is pumped up towards the abdominal and chest region where the heart is located.
  3. Sea air boosts the immune system - There are free electrons that fly around the sea air wherein it helps neutralize the free radicals in our body. It contains negative ions that can kill bacteria which could improve the health and immune system of people who inhale it.
  4. The fresh air can cause a good doze - Since there are healthy negative ions that come with the sea air, inhaling it could boost our ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions help balance out the serotonin level, a body chemical that controls our mood and stress, thus making us feel more relaxed, yet energized and alert. This is the reason why we are able to sleep more soundly after a trip to the beach.
  5. Lying on the beach can relieve stress - When the sun's heat touches our skin, it affects our endocrine system. This allows endorphins to be secreted in our body, making us feel more relaxed and less stressed.
  6. Salt air fights depression and mood disorder - Anyone who is suffering from depression or any mood disorders can benefit from the negative ions that comes with the sea air. There are studies which show that people who undergo Negative Ion Therapy or simply making a visit to the beach can have their mental health problem be treated.
  7. Soaking in the sea can heal skin dermatitis - If you have skin dermatitis, you should think about going to the beach more often. A test was even conducted by the Skin Research and Technology Journal where the skin was bathed in sodium lauryl sulphate (a salt compound for rashes) and another skin bathed in seawater. The result is that the healing effect of the seawater is better and faster than the sodium lauryl sulfate. Another thing they noted is that seawater improved the skin's elasticity, which made it clearer and smoother.

If you have plans on hitting the beach soon, by all means, do it. You will surely enjoy these great benefits and you will be happier after your trip.


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