Can the Cold Weather Worsen Your Sciatica in Vacaville

Can the Cold Weather Worsen Your Sciatica in Vacaville?

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Can The Cold Weather Worsen Your Sciatica

If you live in a place where there is a winter season, you'll get to experience the feeling of the cold seeping into your bones. So, the question has to be asked: Do cold weathers make your sciatica worse in Vacaville? According to people with sciatica, their symptoms become worse during the winter season.

What is sciatica in Vacaville?

Sciatica is caused by a compression of the nerve roots in your lower back, which is your spine's lumbar region. These nerves run from your lower spine down under your buttocks and then through each hip into your legs. There are certain conditions that causes compression on one or more areas on your nerves that could lead to numbness, pain, or weakness in the lower back, legs, or buttocks.

Weather changes and the spine

When your muscles stiffen up due to the cold, it could increase your discomfort. This will cause the muscles in your spine to become tight and tense. When tension is added, the pain may worsen and could even increase your risk of a muscle sprain or strain.

  • Barometric pressure - This happens when the temperature changes drastically or when the air pressure drops before a storm. These changes can affect the nerves in your lower back, making it become overly sensitive.
  • Physical stress - There are certain physical activities that can wreak havoc even when your spine is healthy. Aside from physical exertion, getting your back injured can also put some stress into it.

Reducing sciatic pain during a cold winter

  1. Keep warm
    • Do whatever it takes to make your home as warm as possible.
    • Wear some warm clothing and dress in layers. It is best to wear a few thin layers compared to a single thick layer.
    • Run your car for a few minutes so that you can preheat it before driving.
    • Keep your lower back warm. You should tuck your shirt into your parts so that your back won't get a cold draft whenever you reach for something. Make sure to also put a sweater on over that.
    • At night, cover yourself with a couple of blankets or an electric blanket to keep your muscles from tightening.
  2. Wear good shoes or boots
    • Make sure to wear footwear with treads to prevent yourself from falling or slipping. Alternatively, you can buy a set of cleats that fits over your shoes to maintain your footing when walking in icy weather.
  3. Shovel snow the right way
    • Stretch: Before you shovel the pathway in your house, loosen up your joints and muscles first. Take the time to stretch and warm up before you do your chores outside.
    • Do it the right way: When you're shoveling snow, just do it slowly and avoid overloading your shovel. Lift using your legs and not your back. Move smaller shovelfuls of snow instead of one or two heavy ones to avoid back strain. When you're throwing snow, don't twist your back and always face the right direction when doing it.
    • Ask for help: If ever your sciatica is acting up, ask someone else to do the task for you.
  4. Keep active
    • Most people enjoy staying on the couch during winter but it is important that you keep in shape to help your sciatica. Avoid gaining weight during this cold season and always keep up with your exercise program.


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