Why Having A High Pain Tolerance Isn’t A Good Thing in Vacaville

Why Having A High Pain Tolerance Isn't A Good Thing

Some people believe that having a high pain tolerance is a good thing and that it makes them feel strong. The young ones even firmly believe in the saying "no pain, no gain" in which they think that they've built themselves an armor that can help them in the long run. However, this belief will prove them wrong especially when their pain tolerance is something that can create their problem at some point in their lives.

The thing about having a high pain tolerance is that it won't make you feel the subtle and important messages that your body is telling. It means that if there's a problem, you won't immediately rule it out as one since your body might think that it's just normal and that it's nothing for you to be worried about. So if you're not hearing out the pain signals that your body is giving you, then you must read the reasons on why you should.

  1. Feeling means you're healing - The ancient art teaches us to listen to our body awareness and inner wisdom. We need to connect with our bodies so that we can avoid the physical disaster later on. When you feel, listen, and pay attention to what your body is telling you, you are increasing the chances of nourishing your body and bring it towards its proper health and peak performance. You will be able to tell the signs that your body is not feeling well thus making you be aware of what steps to take to make it feel better. By being more connected, you can help bring your body towards the betterment that it deserves.
  2. We're conditioned to ignore pain - While we're at an early age, we usually listen to the advice of someone else when it comes to taking care of our bodies. The same goes with diminishing or ignoring any pain signals that it might give. We're normally told that any signs of pain should be ignored and for us to just get over it. This belief has made us oblivious to the fact that our bodies are going through something that could be serious. If this behavior is carried out through adulthood, then there's no doubt that any pain problems will be ignored as well.
  3. Ignoring the pain will only make it worse - The problem with having a high pain tolerance is that when you choose to ignore the pain signals that your body is giving you, it will make itself stronger up until you give it your full attention. These messages are meant to help you because they will tell you about subtle changes that your body might be feeling right now.

Ignoring the pain that your body is experiencing may make you feel strong at first, but it could be your weakness as you grow old. It's time for you to start acknowledging the feeling of pain that's happening underneath all that armor because it could save your life. That feeling or sensation could actually be the foundation of why that armor has been created in the first place.

There's no denying that everyone wants a piece of that strength, agility, mobility, and endurance because they're the keys to having a strong body. When you start realizing the importance of pain tolerance and how it made you who you are, you will also begin to entertain the thought that there's something yet for you to learn that could change everything.

If you want, these are some of the ways that you can channel your high pain tolerance into a powerful tool that could affect your healing and performance.

  1. You should recognize the fact that your body is trying to send you an important message. The important thing is if you are able to feel and act on those messages. You should ask yourself if you're able to do this.
  2. Become open-minded to the possibility that your lifelong pain tolerance actually acts like a shield that protects you from feeling deeper emotions and sensations.
  3. You should discover the link between healing and awareness. It's what we do with our beliefs, behaviors, and thoughts that could provide us with a choice to do something good about it.
  4. Make yourself be aware of your body and see what happens. Embark on an adventure of feeling and record on your journal any reactions, sensations, and thoughts that you've felt with it.
  5. Find other ways to better understand your body. These things that you body is telling you is the key to healing. Becoming good at observing your thoughts and feeling the sensations could pave the way for you to be better at this. Taking the right action is how you will get results from all this.

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