Office Safety Measures During COVID-19 in Vacaville, CA

Office Safety Measures During COVID-19
in Vacaville

The emergence of COVID-19 has affected the livelihood of many not just on the way we live, but also on the way we work. In the US, the virus continues to spread across the country and has now affected millions, thus causing public life to slowly shut down. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises the public to halt public gatherings of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

Most organizations are shifting to remote work to keep their company running and prevent its employees from acquiring the virus. However, there are still companies that can't adapt to the new work trend and must still require their employees to work within the company's premises. With that in mind, it's important that everyone follows office safety protocols in Vacaville to ensure that they don't get affected by the virus.

Cleaning guidance from the CDC in Vacaville

The spread of COVID-19 can be unavoidable, which is why proper cleaning and disinfection routines can help minimize or eliminate the viral count of the virus on any surface or object within the office.

The CDC has come up with instructions on how to clean and disinfect workspaces. They also provided a list of EPA-Approved disinfectants that can kill the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Here are a few key points that you should know about the guidelines before you can begin:

  • When you start cleaning and disinfecting, make sure to use a disposable mask, gloves, and gown. Once you're done, carefully remove, disinfect and throw them away immediately into the trash disposal.
  • Before you start disinfecting, clean your surroundings first. Use a detergent or soap and water solution for cleaning since it can help remove the particles that carry the virus on surfaces. This will reduce the viral count before you start disinfecting, which makes the disinfectant more effective in killing the viruses.
  • If you can't get your hands on any of the EPA-approved disinfectants, you can also use an easy solution that only consists of bleach and water. This is what the CDC recommends:
    • 4 tsps. of bleach per quart of water (to be used as a spray bottle application).
    • 5 tbsps. of bleach per gallon of water (to be used on floors and large surface cleaning).
  • If you're using disinfecting wipes, make sure to clean one item at a time and use enough wipes to make the surface remain wet for 4 minutes.
  • Never mix cleaning products together.
  • Clean and disinfect shared equipment and electronics, touch-screen kiosks, and digital signage.

Signage and communication on COVID-19 in the workplace

People say that sunshine is a good disinfectant, so the bright light of good communication is your best defense against the physical and emotional aspects of the coronavirus. You should be prepared in reassuring and supporting employees who may be going through personal challenges due to the virus and the containment efforts.

  • Deliver concise, clear, and well-worded updates that concern your industry, location, and current work culture. Always communicate in a calm, timely manner.
  • Provide channels for support and two-way communication. This space will be used by the staff to forward their concerns and needs. If possible, provide accommodations for specific needs whenever it arises.
  • Post signage around the office that will remind everyone of safety such as:
    • Good respiratory hygiene
    • Cleaning recommendations
    • Social distancing
    • Symptom checks

In the event that you require some of your employees to work from home while others remain in the office, you can use these tips to help manage that transition.

  • Make sure the tech is consistent throughout the company including communication, project management, video conferencing, and collaboration tools.
  • It's important to maintain cleanliness in every section of the office and encourage everyone to wipe their desks and equipment once they're done for the day. This is very important for those who are working on a shared space and for teams who switch off in the office.
  • Create an internal communication where you can post relevant company updates.
  • Check-in early with your team and find out what's working and which area some people require extra support.
  • Promote a work-life balance. Social distancing will make people do a lot of downtime at home, thus resulting in an unclear blend of work and non-work activities.

By using these guidelines, you can help guide your staff to overcome the challenges that this global public health issue has brought upon us. So, apply it to your office and stay safe at all times.


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