Don’t Do These Things If You’re Suffering from A Pinched Nerve

Don't Do These Things If You're Suffering from A Pinched Nerve

When a nerve is put under pressure which is caused by an injury or a misplacement of the surrounding tissue, then it's possible that you're suffering from a condition known as pinched nerve. A good example is a herniated disc on the spine since that problem makes you susceptible to a pinched nerve around that area.

This happens when a nerve becomes compressed or agitated and can bring about severe symptoms. Pinched nerves can occur on any part of the body since you have bones, muscles, ligaments, and several tissues all over the body that are prone to irritation.

There's no doubt that pinched nerves can become so irritating that you can barely do your normal chores without triggering the pain. So if you're suffering from this condition, top Vacaville chiropractor explains to make sure to avoid doing these tasks to prevent the pain from becoming worse.

Things Not To Do When You Have A Pinched Nerve in Vacaville, CA

  1. High impact sports - There's no denying that high impact sports require a lot of physical exertion which won't do you any favor if you have pinched nerves. However, if you're an athlete, you will get the feeling of "defeat" if you can't go to practice and play your favorite sport. This absence from the sport will make you feel like you're losing your edge and give you the urge to push through practice. But keep in mind that powering through the pain will make matters worse and could even prolong your recovery time. So be patient and let the recovery process do its work.
  2. Lifting heavy objects - If you have a pinched nerve on any part of your body, this the most important thing that you should avoid. Lifting heavy objects requires your joints and muscles to work hard especially if you're executing it in an improper form. But even if you're still in the right form, the stress and tension will slow down the healing process of the pinched nerve and may even make it worse. Anywhere that weighs 5 to 10 pounds can be too much but that depends on your fitness and muscle strength. Also, having pinched nerves can cause muscle weakness so be careful when lifting anything.
  3. Sudden movements - Doing sudden movements can be no good. This is applicable to your entire body particularly on the area where there's nerve damage. Any sudden jerk-like movements can create a stress response in the body which tenses up all the muscles and nerves thus making the pinched nerve much worse. If you're playing sports that incorporates sudden movements like golf and baseball, it's best to avoid them for now.
  4. Amusement park rides - There are certain rides in amusement parks that are so extreme, they can move your body back and forth in any direction. In fact, it is considered by many as chiropractic nightmares because of the possibility of making certain parts of your body become out of place. These rides can easily push and pull your body in many directions that are unnatural to your normal alignment and movement. The sudden movements and high-intensity nature of such rides should be avoided if your pinched nerve is still on the healing process. Just take it slow for the meantime and experience the fun once again when you're fully healed.
  5. Staying sedentary - The treatment and prevention of your pinched nerve relies heavily on this one. If you stay in one sedentary position for the entirety of the day, it can cause havoc on your muscles, body, and even the nerves. Even though that resting is essential for your nerve's healing process, remaining in the same position for an entire day can also worsen it and may even cause the rest of your nerves to react negatively. It's important that you rest as much as you can but make sure to also take a little walk for every hour or so to allow the muscles and fluids of your body to continue moving.
  6. Getting little to no sleep - When healing a pinched nerve, make sure that you're getting plenty of sleep. Sleep is where the healing, restoration, and regular maintenance of the body takes place. To promote faster healing of your pinched nerve, it's important that you get the sleep you need when it's convenient. Make sure to use appropriate pillows and mattresses when sleeping to further assist with the healing. If you sleep in an uncomfortable position, this may cause further nerve damage so be sure to be wary of that one.
  7. Avoiding the doctor - The moment that you suspect a pinched nerve, it's recommended that you see a specialist right away! A chiropractor is the ideal specialist for this type of job since they can diagnose your condition and provide you with the much-needed treatment for it. You should seek their help since they are capable of preventing any further damage and bring back your healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

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