How To Avoid Shoulder Pain in Vacaville

How To Avoid Shoulder Pain in Vacaville

Do you suffer from shoulder pain in Vacaville and are looking for relief?  See how chiropractic care at Absolute Integrative Physical Medicine can help.

There are several joints found in your shoulder in which each one connects to your muscles and tendons. Your shoulders are a complex part of your body because it provides freedom of movement to your arms. However, the demand for its purpose and function is one of the reasons why some people are suffering from shoulder pain and injuries.

Making your shoulders do awkward, prolonged, and repetitive movements can cause it chronic pain. This pain is also referred to as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or cumulative trauma disorder.

The most common cause of RSI are the tasks you do at work. Even the smallest yet repetitive tasks can cause strain on your tendons and muscles in the upper body which includes your shoulder. RSI can be caused by these activities:

  • Lifting or carrying heavy loads
  • The use of industrial machinery
  • Swiping items at the grocery checkout stand
  • Using a computer mouse

Causes of chronic shoulder pain in Vacaville CA

Shoulder pain would normally develop gradually instead of being all at once. It can be a bit difficult to actually pinpoint the exact cause of the pain. So far, these sources are likely the potential sources of your work-related shoulder pain:

  • Awkward postures
  • Full body vibration which can be caused by driving over rough roads
  • Hand-arm vibration which can be caused by using a power tool
  • Working using your arms above shoulder level
  • Constant force on your shoulder
  • Mechanical contact stress which can be caused by putting your wrists at rest on a hard desk while typing
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Static loading particularly when you're holding your body in a single position for a long time

Physically intensive jobs may be the common causes of shoulder pain and injuries but even the simplest ones can do that to you as well. Majority of RSIs are computer related. Even if you're in a sedentary work environment, there's still a possibility that your muscles can also weaken and pave the way for pain.

How can chronic shoulder pain be prevented?

If you are looking for ways on how to minimize your shoulder and neck pain, Absolute Integrative Physical Medicine explains how it may help if you:

  • Make use of your workspace or work environment
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce the stress on your daily routines

Ergonomics is a term that refers to designing equipment, processes, and systems that works well with our bodies especially on making certain tasks easier. Work habits and environments that are ergonomic-friendly could play a vital role in reducing the pain and injuries that are associated in the workplace.

Ways on how to improve your workplace

To set things right, you should start by arranging your workplace in such a way that it won't pose some harm on your shoulders or your body in general. Here are some things that you can apply to your workplace to make it ergonomic-friendly:

  • Rearrange your workspace - Position your desk in a way that is level with your elbows when you're sitting. If it's higher then your shoulders can experience fatigue. But if it can't be adjusted, you should have an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray installed into your desk. Your computer monitor should also be an arm's length away from you. The top most portion of the screen should also be below your eye level and make sure that it's positioned front and center. Having to twist your neck often just to look at the monitor can cause pain to your neck and shoulders.
    Make sure to always place your other items within reach since constant twisting and stretching movements can cause pain and injury.

  • Sit properly - You should be mindful of how you sit considering that you'll be in that position for most of the day. It's important that you practice a sitting position that's comfortable for your body because remaining in an uncomfortable position for a long time can cause pain to certain areas. Slouching is most especially not good because not only will it ruin your posture for sitting, but you might also be doing it while standing and walking as well. If ever you're having a hard time sitting properly, you should at least consider doing yoga or tai chi since these two exercises are helpful for core strength and overall posture.

  • Make some changes - You can start by doing even some minimal changes such as switching your mouse to the other side of the desk. It may take some getting used to but at least you're trying to take off the workload from your normal mouse hand. This can be effective especially if you're having shoulder pain on one side. You can also make some variations in your work schedule. This is applicable if you are doing the same type of task for hours. It can be good to spread out tasks evenly without compromising the results. Through this process, you will be switching the muscle groups that you are using while remaining productive.

  • Take a break and walk - It is recommended that a 30-second "mini break" should be taken every 30 minutes. Each break should be utilized by shaking your hands and arms. Take some time to also relax your eyes, head, and neck by shifting your focus on something that's 20 feet away. If possible, try leaving your desk and take a short walk. A 10 minute-break should be good enough for every 2 to 3 hours of work. Make sure to also do some long walks particularly during lunch time.

  • Ask for some help - If things go too hard for you, ask for help to avoid pushing yourself towards an injury. This goes especially when you're doing physical actions that you're uncomfortable with. If you're carrying heavy loads, it could be beneficial if someone could assist you with that one.

Also, if medical help is needed, don't hesitate to ask for it. If the pain becomes unbearable, seek an appointment with Chiropractor Alex Tam at Absolute Integrative Physical Medicine as soon as you can. Leaving an underlying issue untreated can worsen your condition and may even lead to the development of other problems as well.


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