Signs That You’re Overeating in Vacaville

Signs That You're Overeating in Vacaville

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Signs That You're Overeating

There are moments when you don't realize that you're overeating until it's too late. This is common especially during the holidays since you're easily distracted from the delicious foods lying on the table. Overeating in Vacaville once a year won't kill you, yet it can make you feel uncomfortably full and slightly ill.

signs of overeating in Vacaville

Before things get any worse, you should at least recognize the signs of overeating so that you can stop while you still can. Here are some ways to tell that you need to stop adding more to your plate:

  1. You're 100% satisfied and still eating - To prevent yourself from going to such a situation, put your fork down once you feel approximately 80% full. If you're almost 100% there, you should take a breather. However, it's sometimes difficult to resist especially if your favorite holiday dessert is up next on the table. Just keep in mind that you can still take some home leftovers.
  2. You physically need to take a break - When subconsciously take a deep sigh or drop your fork, your body is telling you that you've had enough. You might even gaze down at your plate and realize that you should leave some of the food since you start feeling full.
  3. You go back for seconds, thirds and so on - There's a chance that your first plate will already contain one standard portion of each dish that's put out on the table. It is okay to refill your plate if you feel that your stomach is still growling for more. However, don't mindlessly pick random foods when you come back to the table. It is best to fill it up with veggies, which is the only food that's exempted to be doubled up on even if you're already on the next serving.
  4. You feel like dying if you don't leave the table and start reclining - Feeling extremely stuffed after a meal isn't normal. If you do, it's obvious that you've overeaten. Even if your body tells you to do so, avoid faceplanting yourself on the nearest couch after your meal. This could end up in indigestion or heartburn, which can be easily prevented if you sit up straight.
  5. Your pants are becoming alarmingly tight - Your jeans may fit when you wore them this morning, but now? Not so much. Overeating can cause your stomach to distend pretty immediately. If you're past the point of return, it could mean that you're either wearing the wrong pair of jeans or you just ate too much.
  6. You stopped appreciating every mouthful - Eating the first few bites of your food can provide you with great pleasure. After that, you just shove everything you see on your plate and start losing control of your appetite. When you're no longer freaking out over the good taste of your food, then consider it a meal. If not, there's a chance that you'll overeat.
  7. You get a mid-meal hot flash - Digestion increases your body temperature and feeding it with too much food can cause it to overheat. If you're sweating in the middle of your meal, it means that you might be overdoing it.
  8. You're the last one to put your fork down - It is normal for some people to overeat during Thanksgiving. Unless you're a slow eater or you're the last one standing at the buffet table, it simply means that you're already overeating.

There's no doubt that foods are your body's main source of fuel. But too much of it can cause some negative effects. Just be mindful the next time you sit in front of good foods especially if it's a holiday.


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