Tips On Getting Vitamin D Safely From The Sun in Vacaville

Tips on Getting Vitamin D Safely from The Sun in Vacaville

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Getting Vitamin D From The Sun

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in Vacaville but most people don't get enough of it.

In fact, an estimate of more than 40% of American adults are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

When the cholesterol in your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces this vitamin. This is the reason why getting enough sunlight is the best way of maintaining optimal vitamin D levels.

However, exposing yourself for too long under the sun can come with health risks. But if you want to learn how to do it the safe way, then read this article to find out.

The sun is the best source for vitamin D in Vacaville

Some people dub vitamin D as the "sunshine vitamin".

When your skin is exposed to sunlight, the cholesterol produces vitamin D. The ultraviolet B (UVB) rays of the sun hit the cholesterol in the skin cells then allows the energy for vitamin D synthesis to take place.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in the body and it is important for optimal health. It commands the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus - the minerals that are necessary for strong and healthy bones.

If you have low vitamin D levels, you can become prone to serious health consequences such as:

  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle weakness
  • Death

There are only a limited number of foods that contain vitamin D. These include salmon, sardines, swordfish, beef liver, canned tuna, egg yolks, and cod liver oil. If you plan on acquiring this vitamin from the foods listed, you must eat them nearly every day just to get the recommended amount.

If you're not getting enough sunlight, you can go for a supplement such as cod liver oil. One teaspoon of cod liver oil can provide you with more than 3 times the recommended daily amount of vitamin D.

You should know that UVB rays of the sun can't go penetrate through the windows. So even if you're sitting right next to sunny windows, you are still likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Expose your skin around midday

The best time to get sunlight, especially during summer, is midday.

At noon, the UVB rays are more intense because the sun around that time is at its highest point. This allows you to only spend less time in the sun since you are already absorbing a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Some studies even show that the body is more efficient in making vitamin D during noontime. The recommended daily dose of vitamin D is around 600 IU (15 mcg).

Not only does getting vitamin D around noon is efficient, but it is also safer compared to getting it later in the day. Staying under the sun during the afternoon can put you at risk of dangerous skin cancers.

Dangers of too much sunlight

Getting vitamin D through sunlight is a great way, but doing it wrong can also become dangerous. Here are some of the common consequences that too much sunlight can do to you:

  • Eye damage - If you're exposed to the sun for too long, it can damage the retina. You will also be at risk of eye diseases such as cataracts.
  • Sunburns - You will be at risk of sunburns especially if you're exposed for too long during the afternoon. Sunburn symptoms include blisters, redness, swelling, and pain or tenderness.
  • Skin changes - Having freckles, moles, and other skin changes are common side effects of having too much sunlight exposure.
  • Aging skin - If you spend too much time under the sun, it could hasten the process of skin aging. Some people would even develop loose, leathery, or wrinkled skin.
  • Skin cancer - Too much UV light can put you at risk of skin cancers.
  • Heatstroke - This is a condition that causes your core temperature to rise up high due to too much heat or sun exposure.

If you plan on getting your daily dose of vitamin D in the sun, make sure to time it and avoid getting sunburned.


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