Triggers That Make Neuropathy Flare Up

Triggers That Make Neuropathy Flare Up

There are several triggers that can flare up neuropathy and most of them can be avoided.

But there are also some that you can't avoid, and a primary example is the genetic condition that you may have inherited from your parents. You can't choose your parents and even if they pass on their genetic condition to you, this shouldn't be a reason for you to love them less.

Another unavoidable trigger is when neuropathy is caused by your medication wherein chemotherapy is one since it is needed when fighting cancer.

It's obvious that cancer is the most serious condition between the two, so there's no reason for you to stop your chemo treatment just to get rid of neuropathy. Besides, once you're done with your chemo treatment, neuropathy should also dissipate but it may take months before that could happen.

Even though there's nothing much you can do to avoid these scenarios, these other neuropathy-triggers are something that you can avoid. Once you pursue the methods of avoiding these other neuropathy triggers in Vacaville, your health will also benefit in the process.

1. Diabetes - This condition is the number one trigger of peripheral neuropathy and it can be avoided, with one major exception.

People who are suffering from type 1 diabetes can have a hard time avoiding it, but it doesn't mean that you can do nothing to stop peripheral neuropathy. Good blood sugar control is the most obvious choice, but you can be sure to also exercise your hands and feet regularly, use the right creams and lotions, and eat a healthy diet that's rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

If you don't have diabetes yet, you still have the opportunity to avoid being diabetic and other complications, including peripheral neuropathy. One of the ways to do this is to avoid being overweight. Having excess fat in the body will make it become resistant to insulin, and that could mean type 2 diabetes will happen soon.

You can also keep diabetes at bay by eating a healthy balanced diet. It's important for you to cut down your consumption of processed foods since they are high in fat and salt, which doesn't do any good for your body.

Make sure to also do regular exercises, but since we're focused on avoiding diabetes, you need to stick to a program that can manage your weight, control your blood glucose levels, and maintain your blood pressure within healthy limits.

Lastly, say goodbye to smoking since it can have an impact on making your diabetic. Some may question this one but there are statistics which proves that smoking can make you be more at risk for diabetes compared to if you don't.

2. Alcohol - There's no question why alcohol is part of the list because drinking this beverage in excess can create fast progress to weight gain and high blood pressure, in which they could lead to diabetes, which is the number 1 trigger.

Even if you're an excessive alcohol-drinker and didn't get diabetes from it, it doesn't mean that you are immune to peripheral neuropathy.

There are several ways that alcohol can cause this with the first one being its intoxicating effect on the nerves, and since neuropathy is caused by a major issue in the nerves, you are literally poisoning them with your alcohol-drinking habits.

While in most cases the damage to the nerves are permanent, putting a stop to your alcohol intake can help diminish the symptoms and no further damage will be inflicted upon them.

Excessive drinking of alcohol can also lead to kidney and liver disorders, and once that happens, your body's ability to flush out toxins will be affected. The presence of toxins in your bloodstream can cause nerve damage associated with neuropathy.

Also, excessive drinking can make your diet be lacking healthy foods. As a consequence, the level of nutrients needed for healthy nerves, vitamin B in particular, will hasten the progress of neuropathy.

3. A Nutrient-Deficient Diet - It is a basic concept that whatever you eat, and drink will influence your health and vitality.

When you're eating foods that aren't nutritious, your body won't be able to function properly, which will then pave way to ailments and ill health.

The basics of this one is dependent on your diet wherein it can affect your weight in a positive or negative manner, as well as the effects it can have on your overall health.

Again, diabetes ranks high on the list of conditions due to having excess weight. It can also have other side effects like high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The best types of diet are those that are rich in certain nutrients like vitamin B, most especially vitamin B12. Foods that are rich in vitamin B12 includes oily fish like sardines and tuna, as well as eggs, fortified cereals, and dairy products.

Vitamin B12 can prevent the onset of peripheral neuropathy since it is the nutrient that protects your nerves. It helps in the production of a substance called myelin wherein it is essential for your nerve health.

Myelin acts as a minder for your nerves and will keep them safe from any harm. When you're deficient in B12, myelin may not be effective, and damage to your nerves will soon start happening. One symptom of being low in vitamin B12 is experiencing a pins and needles sensation in the hands and feet, which is an indicator that you have peripheral neurology.

4. Chemicals and Toxins - Chemicals and toxins includes a wide array of substances.

There are 2 types of chemicals and toxins where the first ones are those that enters directly into your body. This includes narcotics and other chemical abuse such as glue sniffing. Apart from their negative impacts, they can also cause nerve damage.

You can also ingest these undesirable chemicals through the foods that you eat especially if they're being grown using excessive amounts of pesticides and weed killer. There are certain fishes, like the puffer fish, that also contains toxins. They may not be poisonous when eaten but can induce high levels of toxins that can cause neuropathy symptoms.

Touching certain objects can also introduce toxins into your body. They may come in either solid or liquid form, wherein the prime suspects for this includes ethanol, lead, mercury, and solvents. So, when you're working with either of these chemicals, it would be best to take necessary precautions to prevent inhalation or prolonged contact.

5. Infections - There are some forms of infections that can make your body susceptible to peripheral neuropathy, so it's recommended to take necessary measures to avoid them.

The main one is human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. You can acquire HIV in two ways: unprotected sex or sharing drug needles with someone who has the virus. HIV prevention is highly desirable, not only to avoid neuropathy, but also to avoid the dangerous illness of AIDS.

Another viral infection that can cause neuropathy is herpes, wherein it is transmitted in many different ways including kissing, sexual contact, and sharing utensils You can be infected without you knowing it, but it can come with obvious symptoms like having a sore on the affected area. The simplest way of avoiding herpes is to never share your personal items like a toothbrush and make sure you wash your hands regularly.

Other infections that can cause neuropathy, and just want to simply avoid in general are Lyme disease, the varicella virus, and the cytomegalovirus.


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