Understanding Symptoms of Neuropathy in Vacaville

Understanding Symptoms of Neuropathy in Vacaville

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Understanding Symptoms Of Neuropathy

The symptoms of neuropathic pain in Vacaville are sometimes unpredictable and it can differ in every person. There is a certain stimulus that triggers pain or it can even happen on its own. In the case of a sudden impact, the area around the trauma can also be affected in addition to the immediate area.

There are people who experience the pain more constantly while others can feel it going on and off.

Neuropathy can limit your daily functions in Vacaville

Neuropathic pain can make even simple movements painful, which could limit that persons ability to move. Being sedentary can also weaken the muscles, thus restricting physical functioning even further. This condition can certainly affect a person's ability to work.

The back pain or other pain caused by neuropathy can be described by the following:

  • Deep, burning, or cold
  • Sharp, severe, shooting, stabbing, or electric shock-like
  • Persistent numbness, weakness, or tingling
  • Pain that travels on the nerve path then goes into the arms, hands, legs, or feet

There may be some discoloration on the skin in the painful area, where it appears more pink or red than usual. In some cases, the skin will have a blue or mottled appearance. These changes in color are associated with changes in blood flow. Some people may even feel swelling on top of this one.

People with neuropathic pain have difficulties in sleeping and suffer from depression, wherein both of them can increase the perception of pain. A multifaceted pain management approach can help address all aspects of a person's health.

Unusual sensations in neuropathy

Some people report experiencing sensations in unusual ways with their neuropathy pain, such as:

  • A low sensation to hot or cold, which is referred to as hypoesthesia.
  • Hyperalgesia, an extreme sensitivity to certain things.
  • Hypersensitivity to light touch that is barely noticeable to others, which is known as allodynia.
  • Experiencing an electric-shock or pins-and-needles sensation even when there is no contact. This is referred to as paresthesia.

The doctor may conduct sensory tests to find out how an individual responds to different kinds of physical contact.

Treatment for neuropathic pain

There are cases that are more straightforward than others. If the compressed nerve is caused by a herniated disc, spinal decompression can be the best option since it relieves the pain by removing the pressure on the nerve.

If there is no underlying cause for the pain, the treatment will mostly focus on pain relief. As of today, there is no single medication that can cure neuropathy symptoms, but a combination of treatments and medications can be helpful. For individuals with neuropathic pain, interdisciplinary pain management can benefit them as well.


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