Reasons Why You Need to Spend Time Outdoors in Vacaville

Reasons Why You Need to Spend Time Outdoors in Vacaville

Top Vacaville chiropractor explains how we are now living in a world surrounded by technology but every now and then, we feel the urge to sometimes go back to a simple life and be one with nature.

There are loads of benefits being outdoors wherein you will get to experience recreation and recharge yourself in the wilderness. For those who enjoys going outside, there's one thing they realize that can really benefit from it and that is their health.

Before the era of smartphones and self-driving cars, Japan have already recognized "forest bathing" as a part of their national health program. The term forest bathing doesn't literally mean to soak in water but to rather immerse yourself in a natural environment.

Forest bathing has also become a popular trend in the United States especially in the metropolitan areas. Everyone took their time to go out into the wilderness together to indulge themselves on nature walks and therapeutic hikes. But aside from forest bathing, there are other things you can do outdoors to improve your wellbeing.

So if you want to take advantage of the full benefits that nature has to provide in Vacaville, then here are some of the reasons on why you should be outside.

Reasons to Be Outside in Vacaville CA

Relieve stress - Taking the time to go outside can really alleviate the stress you have at work or at school. Allowing stress take over your body can do no good to your healthy mind and immune system. If you let stress take over you on a high level, it can cause depression, obesity, and high blood pressure. This is the reason why it can be unhealthy when it's not being managed properly. But the good thing is that you can always find your stress reliever right in your backyard.

Spending the time with nature for stress relief can be good for both teens and adults. The bloodstream levels of your stress hormone cortisol are lowered down after spending some time outside. The best thing about this method is that it is low cost and is easily accessible to everyone. So the next time a long weekend is coming up, make sure to plan a nature trip instead of just strolling around the city. This will certainly reduce your stress levels and you will feel rejuvenated upon coming back.

Calms your mind - If you suffer from anxiety and depression, then it can be a crippling feeling. It can be difficult to cope with mental illness and methods to overcome it vary from person-to-person. Physicians would normally recommend medication and therapy then pair it with some regular exercises. If you follow the advice of doing outdoor exercises, it can really ease emotional and mental pain while also improving your mood.

Your body has its own physical responses when it reconnects with nature. Even just sitting outside can help lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and decrease cortisol levels. Our bodies slow down when it's outside thus making us feel calm and peaceful.

Our minds also work in a similar manner. If you spend time outside, your mood improves, and any feelings of anxiety are reduced. You can be more focused when in nature and the improved concentration can help address any feelings of anxiety and stress. You will also receive a boost in your self-esteem if you spend some time wandering outdoors.

Increase your longevity - There's a study back in 2015 where 108,630 American women have been observed on their relationship with nature and longevity. These women who lived near forests, lawns, parks, and trees have lower mortality rate compared to those who are living far away from nature. The results held regardless of whether they lived in a rural or urban setting.

There are several factors that affects the longer life expectancy of those who are living near a vegetation setting. The air quality in these areas can be the reason for the increased longevity since it is better when it's circulating in a dense vegetation. Living near parks and nature trails will help encourage more exercises thus make them maintain their heart health. It could also help encourage social engagement and improve their mental health at the same time.

Improve vision - Being outside can be an important thing for your eyes. According to a study involving Australian school children, those who have spent a lot of time outside have better vision. It showed that those who spent their time playing outside have reduced their risk of becoming nearsighted. This study has suggested that doing outdoor activities has provided some sort of a protective effect on the eyes of children.

The results are quite striking because the other children who spent their time playing indoors didn't get the same effect. This further proves that immersing themselves outside in sunlight and fresh air has protected their growing eyes.

The reason for this may be due to the dim indoor lighting since it made their young eyes have a difficult time focusing on an image. This caused their eyes to change shape so that they could see clearly. Since there is enough lighting outdoors, the kids' eyes don't have to work hard for it to display a clear image. So whenever it's playtime for your children, try encouraging them to do it outside to promote a better health for their eyes.

Helpful in weight management - There's no doubt that nature can provide you with fresh air and the best views so it would be wise if you have an exercise regimen that must be done outdoors.

In America, 1/3 of the adult population are obese. To stop the spread of obesity, exercise and proper diet are two of the most effective ways to do that. A half hour walk in the park can burn 149 calories, and 372 calories if you ride your bike for half an hour. If you want to get your kids involved, try finding a fun outdoor activity that you can do as a family. As you increase your time biking, running, walking, and playing outside, you are also decreasing your chances of becoming obese. So be sure to take your exercise outdoors and enjoy every health benefit that nature has to offer.

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