Things That Could Trigger Migraine Attacks in Vacaville, CA

Things That Could Trigger Migraine Attacks in Vacaville CA

For most of us, migraine attacks are coped by isolating ourselves in a dark room, bed and a cool towel. These attacks may come out of nowhere but if you pay attention to the telltale signs, you'll understand that it's about to happen.

The signs of these migraine attacks can reveal a pattern in the symptoms and even help you be equipped with preventative tools that could manage it. Chiropractors in Vacaville know that migraine triggers for everyone are unique but there are some common culprits that are experienced by most in a group. Once you identify these triggers, you can start learning the management of your migraines and even prevent an attack from happening in the future.

Here are some of the most common triggers for migraines in Vacaville, CA

1. Stress - Stress is the biggest culprit of all, wherein 70% of people with migraine are affected by it. 50 to 70% of this group noticed an association between their daily migraine activity and their daily stress level. When you're constantly worrying about when the next attack will happen, it will onset a never-ending, exhausting cycle.

2. Hormones - Women have greater chances of experiencing migraines than men, and 75% of women experience these attacks when they're on their menstrual period. This is known as "menstrual migraine," where it happens during a woman's period caused by the changes in their estrogen and progesterone levels.

3. Irregular sleeping schedule - There sure is a link between your sleep and migraine. Sleep is responsible for repairing and renewing parts of your body including your brain, so it makes sense that once your sleeping schedule is irregular, you're bound to experience frequent migraine attacks. There's also another thing to note about sleep and migraines: almost half of migraine attacks take place between 4 am and 9 am. This will put a lot of people to have an even greater risk of developing a sleep disorder.

4. Alcohol and caffeine - Many people notice that their migraine attacks are more intense after consuming alcohol or caffeine. Alternatively, some people say that coffee can help manage their migraine symptoms, and some medications with caffeine content can also help with their migraines. Some patients also notice that drinking red wine triggers an alcoholic migraine, while some think that other types of alcohol are the culprit for most of the time.

5. Diet - There are lots of foods that can trigger migraine attacks, wherein the most common ones are those that contain MSG and histamine, chocolate, cheese, and other dairy products, caffeine, cured meats, artificial sweeteners, and anything that comes with a strong smell.

6. Changes in the weather - Storms, extreme heat and changes in barometric pressure can become weather-related migraine triggers that can cause an attack. Heat and high humidity can also cause dehydration, which is another common trigger.

7. Light - Natural light is a common enemy of many migraine patients. This is a condition known as Photophobia and can be used to diagnose migraine. Natural, bright light and fluorescent or flickering bulbs can become a problem, which makes it difficult for some people to spend time outdoors or inside an office environment.

8. Dehydration - 1/3 of migraine patients say that dehydration is their trigger, and even the slightest form of dehydration can be enough to make them experience debilitating head pain. In general, dehydration can have many effects on the body where it can cause confusion, dizziness, and at times can become a medical emergency.

9. Smell - Some odors can activate nerve receptors in the nasal passages, which can trigger migraine attacks or even worsen one if it has already started. This condition is known as Osmophobia (aversion to odors), which is another common symptom of migraine.

10. Medication overuse - The ironic thing about migraine medications is that they can often become the trigger. Taking your prescribed medication for more than 10 days in a month, it can cause more migraine attacks. This is a phenomenon known as Medication Overuse Headache (MOH). So, if you're experiencing this, you'd better talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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