How Is 20k Steps Good for Your Body?

How Is 20k Steps Good for Your Body?

Walking is a great exercise that anyone can do that can be very beneficial for their health and can be easy to do at the same time. We do it each day as our primary form of transportation and through that alone, one can already experience the benefits of a good exercise.

Step trackers are really popular these days wherein people can easily monitor the number of steps they've taken by strapping a device to their shoes and walk the pavement for health purposes. Most people would want to hit 20,000 steps as part of their daily health goal, but what exactly does that benefit?

Top Vacaville chiropractor explains how walking for 20,000 steps each day can depend on many personal factors. Your speed, stride, and overall health can affect the kind of benefits you will derive from it. But in general, any type of walking will already benefit you regardless of how far you're going to walk.

Vacaville Chiropractor Provides the Benefits of Walking 20k Steps

If you think about it, walking for 20,000 steps means that you have travelled quite far already. 20,000 steps could mean that you have travelled for about 9.2 miles! It may seem unrealistic for some people considering the distance it requires for it to be achieved. Despite its challenge, there are actually people who are committed into doing it on a daily basis. So if you plan on doing this yourself, what are the benefits you're going to get for walking more?

Improving your cardiovascular system

When you walk, you are doing your cardiovascular system a great deal of favor. People who are experiencing some heart problems can derive some benefits from walking over a long distance. You can correct some cardiovascular problems by simply walking. This exercise will get your heart rate up thus improving your cardiovascular system. So give your heart a good treat by doing this exercise and focus on improving your distance day by day.

Burn off your calories and lose weight

When you walk, you will burn your excess calories, carbs, and fats. Your pacing can affect how much calories you're going to burn.

If you're doing physical activities, it can already benefit your health and fitness. When you walk, jog, or run for 20,000 steps, you will be burning a lot of the calories that you have consumed.

The number of calories that people burn comes at a different rate. It's because physical activity is dependent on a person's age, height, weight, intensity, and physical condition. For instance, someone who walks for 3 miles in under an hour has already burned off more calories compared to the person who does it in just 45 minutes.

So the big question is "how many steps do you need to lose weight?" Well, it also depends on the kind of foods that you eat. Even if you have walked 20,000 steps and ate half a chocolate cheesecake right after, don't expect changes to your weight at any time. To benefit from this, make sure to watch your portion sizes so that your walking exercise can actually give room for you to lose weight.

Improves your metabolism

According to studies, walking more often can improve the metabolic rate of your body. But take note that this does not permit you to eat a box of cupcakes after an hour of walking. However, your body's way of processing the food can improve. Just make sure not to abuse this kind of benefit especially if you want to stay in shape.

Boosts the processing power of the brain

If you want to gain some power for your brain, do some regular walks and make sure that you sweat yourself from doing that activity. In general, any type of exercise can actually benefit the development of your brain especially in young people.

Most people would start their morning good by doing some workouts. This helps improve their overall well-being by becoming more rational, alert, and focused in their projects. It can even boost your productivity which can be good if you have lots of things to do at work later on.

The reason for this is that more blood and oxygen are being pumped into the brain which is beneficial for making it perform better.

Even though that some of the improvements can come from intense workouts, walking more often can also deliver that benefit in a similar manner.

Elevates your mood

Walking can make some mental improvements to your body and boosting the brain's processing power is one of them. Any form of physical activity can also enhance your overall moods. The reason for this is that endorphins are being produced like crazy into your system. So the more effort you exert into your physical activities, the more the hormones that are being produced.

Any therapist will even prefer that you do exercise routines than take antidepressant drugs. This method has worked for a lot of patients and the best part is that they don't get to experience the side effects of the medication. So if you dislike the idea of taking mood-altering medications, it's best to just do a 20,000 steps a day.

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