Causes of Sharp Neck Pain in Vacaville

Causes of Sharp Neck Pain in Vacaville

Chiropractic Vacaville CA Neck Pain

There are many types of neck pain, but sharp neck pain is the most common. Sharp neck pain in Vacaville can also be caused by several factors. If you feel pain between the skull and shoulders, there's a chance that you might be experiencing some form of neck pain.

We usually associate neck pain as something that happens on its own, but the truth is, it can also be experienced in the cervical joints and bones, the ligaments and muscles that stabilize the neck, and the shock-absorbing discs located in the cervical vertebra. The neck has several functions and each of its parts serves a purpose. This means that any injury or trauma can cause severe pain throughout the neck.

Sharp neck pain causes in Vacaville

The name alone speaks for itself. It comes with a sharp, sometimes shooting pain in at least one section of the neck. Neck pain sufferers would describe it as something like knives or pinpricks being poked on the neck region, causing a pinching or tingling sensation.

Muscle spasms or strained neck muscles are common causes of sharp neck pain. These injuries to the neck muscles can sometimes cause joint inflammation, which requires pain relief therapy and anti-inflammatory medication for it to be treated. Muscle sprains and strains can happen when you hold your head or neck in a position that puts unwanted strain on it. Holding your head in an abnormal way while reading a book or watching television can inflict the same kind of strain.

You should at least know some information that causes sharp neck pain so that you'll have an idea next time or perhaps find some ways to avoid it. Make sure to seek out medical attention right away when you experience any of the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Excessive twisting
  • Penetrating injury
  • Sports injuries
  • A fall from any distance
  • Injury to the top or back of the skull
  • External pressure to the neck (strangulation)

Sharp neck pain can happen in an instant and the pain itself can range from mild to quite severe. You will also experience symptoms like redness, swelling, or bruising to the injured area of the neck. There are instances where the top layer of the skin may be tender to the touch.

Neck injuries that come on fast and are painful are the kind of which a spinal disc has been torn or has ruptured and dislocated or fractures to the spine. A spinal injury or trauma may cause sharp or shooting neck pain.

Lesser obvious conditions can also cause sharp neck pain but this one could be a symptom of a larger problem. Medical problems like the flu or meningitis may cause inflammation in the neck, which is either due to irritation from coughing or general muscle soreness that is present in these types of illnesses.

Arthritis can also cause pain in the neck area. There are forms of arthritis that damage the spinal discs in the neck, while others may pinch a nerve in the spine's upper region. Though this is not common, arthritis has been seen in arthritis patients.

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